Creating Buzz For Peperami

The loudmouthed pork snack wants attention. so we launched Porc – a new perfume for men this Valentine’s, & in March, filled London’s holes to give the city a ‘mass porking’.

With YouTube star, Jack Jones, we reached 21m & the campaign was voted the 2nd best global PR stunt of the month in March, behind New York’s ’Fearless Girl on Wall Street’ for international women’s day.


January – May 2017


Peperami is a pork sausage snack manufactured by Jack Link’s in Germany.


Guerilla stunt
Consumer media relations
Celebrity management
Influencer management

Peperami’s phallic Animal was ‘on a mission at the beginning of the month to leave no hole unfilled’, punning his way around the capital and across social media as he drew attention to pot holes or ‘Hangry Holes’. If you’ve ever wondered just how far you can stretch a joke about meat filling a hole, this is the stunt for you.

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